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Māoriland Tech Creative Hub

The Māoriland Tech Creative Hub is a training and creative space for rangatahi to upskill and unleash their creative potential using software and digital tools. Animation, graphic design, game development, VR, XR – M.A.T.C.H aims to pathway rangatahi Māori into high-value jobs in the rapidly growing tech creative industries.
This year an exciting new space at Māoriland Film Festival 2024 was Te Huanui o Mati presented by M.A.T.C.H. Utilising the entire space of Memorial Hall, we step into a future where Indigenous peoples use new technologies to express old stories.
Visit the M.A.T.C.H space at Memorial Hall during MFF2024 to see what creative technologies and Indigenous minds can achieve!
Opening hours;
Thursday 21st March through to Sunday 24th March
11 am – 4 pm each day
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M.A.T.C.H MFF 24


EXPERIENCE / 2023 / Steve Diabo

The story of Indigenous language and cultural near-extinction, and later renaissance, has played out in parallel among the Indigenous peoples in North and South America, Australia and the Pacific, and elsewhere around the world. 

We can all point to a past generation of our respective peoples, within memory, who spoke our languages maternally. Imagine yourself as one of the people of that generation — perhaps someone in your own family who you knew, or know about, or someone in the Native community where you’re from, or even their ancestors beyond that.



VR / 2023 / Wiremu Grace

Atuatanga takes you deep into a Maori post-apocalypse world using VR technology in the Quest 2 headset. This is the future destruction of our earth if we don’t take action now. The Turehu (fairy person, pictured) is your guide, as you travel to the realms of the Atua (Gods) to re awaken them and bring life back to the world. Come face to face with the powerful force of Tawhirimatea, god of wind and weather. 

Fly through the underworld mycelium tunnels of Tane Mahuta (forest God) and sculpt Hine Ahuone (The God of Human form) from the sacred red clay of Kurawaka. In the uncertain future will you assist the Atua to save the planet?

M.A.T.C.H MFF 24


VR / 2022 / Gabrielle Thomas

Viewers will find themselves in a cavern of endless time, a world within a world, watching two travelling wairua (the bodiless self) and the generations of ancestors before them. Their mother holds the power of creation within her. She carries them in her womb and is the gateway to the world of light. She is a daughter, a sister and a mother in tapu (sacred). One traveller departs to the world of the living, the other transcends to the embracing arms of Hine Nui Te Po, the goddess of death.

TOMO VR was developed from the full-length stage show which premiered in Auckland, NZ in 2019 at Tempo Dance Festival and has recently toured NZ.

Voyaging Home

GAME / 2023 / Pohaikealoha Panoke

You’re a voyager like your ancestors before you, but in order to move forward, you first need to discover where you (and your ancestors) are from. Learn language and prepare for an Indigenous future in this personal adventure featuring beautiful ambient music and a heartfelt story among the stars.


Orange Pekoe

GAME / 2023 / Vanessa Racine

The year is 2173, and after a long ride home you still need to fetch some tea for an Elder. ‘orange pekoe’ is a browser-based game developed for web browser using Bitsy, a “small engine for small games”. It is set in a speculative future that reimagines open pit mining sites as an urban, Anishinaabe metropolis.

Hill Agency: PURITYdecay

GAME / 2023 / Meagan Irene Byrne

Murdered sisters, mind altering drugs and flying cities, to a case that goes way further than the banks of this one detective’s little neighbourhood in this Indigenous cybernoir detective narrative adventure set in a post-post-apocalyptical future.


Words Before All Else

Machinima / 2022 / Skawennati

Shot in a multiplayer online world, this movie features Skawennati’s avatar, xox, reciting the 18 verses of the traditional Thanksgiving Address.


A Metis Toy Story

ANIMATION / 2023 /Samantha Loney

A new Metis action figure must stop the battle between a Cowboy Teddy and Indigenous wooden horse toy.


Tala’s Bedtime Story

ANIMATION / 2023 / Peter Filimaua

After having a nightmare about his grandfather, Tala looks to his mother for answers. She recounts a tale about Tala’s grandfather and how he got his name. In this tale, she tells him about his grandfather’s friend, a monkey named Susie, and their journey to Pulotu, a place without light.


The Adventures with Auvvi & Friends

ANIMATION / 2023 / Lisi Makimmak Etok
Experience an eventful day with Auuvi, the neurodivergent caterpillar who lives in a sensory rich environment.
M.A.T.C.H MFF 24


ANIMATION / 2023 / Dennis Jackson, Eric Jackson

A rag tag group of furry friends on Turtle Island are discovering their relationship with the animals and their environment on Mother Earth.


Past Future Forward: The Making of a Hawaiian Video Game

DOCUMENTARY / 2022 / Jason Edward Lewis, Prem Sooriyakumar 
Hawaiians in space! Past Future Forward: The Making of a Hawaiian Videogame tells the story of a 2017 workshop with Kanaka Maoli youth making their first videogame, inspired by their community’s storytelling traditions to create a game about their descendents traveling to the stars.

The Bull of Cold

ANIMATION/ 2023 / Alexander Muruo

A little boy named Ayaal has a big dream to cut ice figures. He is 9 years old, and everyone’s favourite in a small Sakha village.



ANIMATION / 2021 / Nicolás Zarco

Juana starts a normal day in her life, going to her local temple she meets a mysterious shadow, she follows it to find people from her past and in the middle of the ancient chinampas she faces an old pain to get reunited with her people.



ANIMATION / 2023 / Brent Beauchamp

A child named Nimkii follows a mysterious blue butterfly away from his mother deep into the thick of the forest. Once caught Nimkii quickly realizes the butterfly is something not from our world.


Allow Your Haerenga

EXPERIMENTAL / 2023 / Waiongana Fruean Weeks

Realise, reveal/revel, reflect and release. A brief haerenga through the many faces and stages of grief. Stay as long as you need. Allow yourself space in time to scream, cry , wail, reflect and breathe.


Future Ready: Cusp

EXPERIMENTAL / 2023 / KJ Edwards

A temporal observation of nature, reflecting on the relational: the tethering of animal, earthly and human energies through moments of connection, both calm and chaotic, moving toward a shared future shrouded in uncertainty as the planet warms.

MFF2024186_P (1)

The River

EXPERIMENTAL / 2023 / Piata Gardiner-Hoskins, Todd Karehana

When a young woman Mihi vanishes, three estranged cousins must reunite to solve the mystery of her disappearance, with all paths leading to a river that flows both ways – Waihara.



EXPERIMENTAL / 2021 / Kelly Nash, Nancy Wijohn
Dancer Nancy Wijohn is Tane – trying to take the destruction of “Whiro” into her own hands and while the moon falls back to the earth, the elements begin to destroy each other.

Bálvvosbáiki – Place of worship

EXPERIMENTAL / 2023 / Marja Viitahuhta

Bálvvosbáiki (place of worship) continues a series of video works created by Marja Viitahuhta in collaboration with musicians Ánnámáret (yoik), Ilkka Heinonen (jouhikko) and Turkka Inkilä (electronic music).

The work is based on questions of human relationship with the environment, the wanderer’s mindset and the changing sense of time, as well as the Sámi world view in which people should take into account the heritage of past generations and preserve the conditions of life for future generations. The cross images and slow motion visualize the content of the wordless yoik. A tapestry of sounds created by Turkka Inkilä and Ilkka Heinonen’s jouhikko sing alongside the yoik.??

M.A.T.C.H MFF 24

Whispers of Reindeer Milk

EXPERIMENTAL / 2023 / Mihkkal Robertabártni Hætta

In an alternate Sápmi, a man travels to reclaim ancestral wisdom from the colonizers, going on a meditative journey through diverse northern landscapes.


Dau:añcut (Moving Along Image)

EXPERIMENTAL / 2023 / Adam Piron
What happens when you lose control of an image?

I Would Like to be Midnight / I Would Like to be Sky

EXPERIMENTAL / 2023 / Amelia Winger-Bearskin

Who determines the protocol for looking at the sky? Like moss and fungi, animals and plants, and indeed most living beings, the sky does not have borders. It moves and is part of a larger system that includes the moon, the sun, and the stars.


Nuppi Bealde

EXPERIMENTAL / 2023 / Marja Viitahuhta 

Saivo is lake with two bottoms, where spirits dwell. This yoik film shows the growing and disappearing glaciers, the gaps and the chasms and the deeps of the water and the surfacing ice.