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Toi Matarau

Mana Motuhake, The human right to self-determination

Toi Matarau-19


March 20 – May 20, 
Toi Matarau Gallery

A showcase of mana motuhake and connection to whenua, land. Traditional and contemporary works by senior Māori artists of the ART confederation, iwi of Aotearoa, Te Moana Nui ā Kiwa, and whenua taketake.




Te Matatoki continue their Māoriland Artists Residency at the back of the Māoriland Hub. Masters of the adze led by Fayne Robinson, Ian-Wayne Grant, Lewis Gardiner and other kaiwhakairo of Aotearoa are carving the four pou (posts) to anchor the Māoriland Hub.


Honouring Te Wharepora and kairaranga with live demonstrations and exhibits.  Creations draw on courage and resilience to innovate and explore a better future.  Comprising of exquisite signature taonga, sculpted and finely woven,. savour the expertise and excellence of this region‘s best weavers.

Sonia Snowden Tiaho Mai Opening

Toi Moko

Available to only our international filmmaker guests, this year’s Toi Moko experience is an intimate connection with local artist Lorna Tawhiti (Ngāi Te Rangi, Waikato, Tainui). Limited bookings are available at Toi Matarau.